Every piece of jewelry has a story behind, which I hope blends with your own...

I love going to museums and admiring antique jewelry, not just because it's beautiful, but mostly because I enjoy fantasising about the hassles the jeweler had to go through in the creation process and about what story he wanted to tell in such a small piece of art.
How the owner left those scratches and marks? When did she wear it? Was it a gift? A heritage? Did the jewel accompanied her in a secret date? Or did she wear it for a long time?

Jewels mark our life, and are the silent witnesses of very special moments -many of them of happiness-, and I feel so thrilled to be part of that experience.

My ideas flows freely according to the stories I want to tell coming from many different sources of inspiration, straight from my heart and my imaginary to yours.

My jewelry is delicate, meticulously detailed, feminine, and many times playful. The deepest richness of my pieces lay in their inspiration, and their deepest beauty in the interaction with their future owner, which turns them alive.

My brand name is simply the blend of the things I love to do the most: from spanish "gema", which means gem or jewel, and "magenta" which is one of the basic printing inks, relating to my illustration hobby.

 Gemagenta Home Studio

Mini Bio

My name is LORENA, I was born in Mexico around the 80’s, and in 2005 I graduated from Industrial Design.

In 2008 I got married to my Argentinian boyfriend and moved to Buenos Aires. There I studied Silversmithing and Stone Setting, and my love for jewelry became my biggest passion.

I’m currently based in Amsterdam, living my dream… sharing my life with my husband and our daughter and son (soon to be born!), living in a cozy apartment facing one of the beautiful city canals where I have my home-studio, illustrating in the spare moments, and travelling the world on every chance I have!

Gemagenta Studio Amsterdam Family


My inspiration

My muse is very dynamic, so many things boost my imagination: nature, architecture, a trip, a book, life experiences... it's always about the story I want to tell through my jewelry, so don’t be surprised if in my work you find things that go from the clean geometrics, to the botanical inspired and anything in between.

I'm not too worried about trends, that is why I keep selling pieces from collections I created many years ago, they stay relevant because it's all about their inspiration connecting to your own story.

 Amaranta by Gemagenta / Lost Wax Process

Truly handmade just for you

All jewelry is handmade by me, Lorena.

Some collections involve a casting process, for those pieces I work since a decade ago with a family-run foundry based in Amsterdam, then I personally finish all these pieces by hand.

All my jewelry is shipped from Amsterdam where I have my home-studio.

I'm constantly approached by big companies offering me to mass produce my work at questionable prices and juicy profits, but in this rushed and voracious world I still believe I can be big by being small, I believe in handmade and slow made, I appreciate the idea of meticulously, passionately and purposely creating something with my hands.

I've laughed and cried reading the stories from my customers, I've traveled the world through my jewellery, and every time I get a message from someone telling me that for years she's been daily wearing one of my pieces, or how they were moved to tears when receiving my jewelry as a gift, I know that my purpose as a jeweler is being fulfilled.

Lingerie Ring 002 by Gemagenta from gemagenta on Vimeo.


Thank you for all your support through the years! ♥