How does a New Moon charm look like?

For making a New Moon I make a Full Moon charm, full of craters and details and then I make it black through patina oxidation (you will still be able to see the engraving).

Please have in mind that soap, lotions, perfumes, humidity and bleach can make silver jewelry look dull, or even oxidise it.
I recommend to remove your jewelry when you take a shower, swim or sleep.
If with time it doesn't look as bright as new don't panic, just contact me so I can give you some tips on how to clean it up, or ship it back to me and I will gladly do it for you.

Is the silk cord long lasting?

It all depends on how gently you wear it and how often you adjust the length.
I have customers (myself included) using their silk necklaces daily already for years.
And some others write me just after a few months because the cord snapped after getting caught onto something. If that happens, no worries - you can purchase a new silk cord and I'll give you instructions on how to reattach your charm (or I could also do that for you if you send me your charm). 

Is the black patina (oxidation) permanent?

It depends on how much the oxidized parts are in contact with your skin/clothes. I.E., on earrings it can be very long lasting, on rings (like the black Lingerie ones) constantly in contact with your skin, the patina will be eventually rubbed off.
Some customers find the fading effect pleasing because the jewelry transforms acquiring a "personal patina" look.
Other customers prefer their jewelry to look just as new, if that's the case, patina can be re applied!
Here's an easy tutorial for fully black pieces: http://bit.ly/2ypwUTn
If patina has to be re applied in certain areas (moon charms) it has to be made with a fine brush and a patina solution, I can guide you through the process, or I will do it for you for free, just contact me!
If you prefer, you can also opt to have your moon without patina, since I make the light and shadow parts of the moon in different levels even without the patina you will be able to identify the moon phase, except if it is New Moon, which would look like a Full Moon if I don't make it black.

Do you gift wrap?

I neatly pack every order so it's ready to be gifted away. If you're directly shipping your order to the gift recipient and you would like me to include a special note please let me know when placing your order and I will be happy to do it!  Do you provide a tracking number? Yes! But only if you UPGRADE to Registered & Insured shipping when placing your order. 

Do you take rush orders and provide express shipping? 

Please contact me before placing an order so I can confirm to you if I'm able to rush up your order.
It's possible to ship your order with a private courier like FedEx or UPS, contact me to discuss the details!

Do you gold-plate? rhodium-plate?

No, I prefer to work with the natural color and properties of each metal.
Gold (and rhodium) plating, no matter how thick it is, can eventually rub off revealing the base material, correcting that isn't an easy process that you can try at home, so I prefer to work with solid gold, the real deal is way more expensive, but I think it's better to splurge every now and then in something you really want and be confident that it will last a lifetime (or several if you pass it to future generations!).

Do you make custom designs?

Yes! Depending the time of the year I might have some free time to work on special orders.  Please send me an e-mail to lorena@gemagenta.com to discuss your idea.  

Can I see how my moon will look before I place an order?

Of course! Send me a message with your special date and place to lorena@gemagenta.com, or contact me through Instagram or Facebook and I will send you a picture of your corresponding moon phase.